When I created this website, I wanted a key element of it to be the collaboration and interactivity of different reef keepers all over the world. If you have any ideas, comments, or questions whatesover please email. I am open to any ideas whatesover. Also, if you have any great photos of your tank that you want to be entered for next month's homepage picture, please send them. Since this site is still brand new, Im going to need some help from other reef keepers in building up the discussion section. If you are really good at creating thought provoking reef discussions, please email me. If you can really help me extensively , I will grant admin powers. Also, check out my instagram page if you haven't already !!! @theredtang

This is a simple guide to keeping a reef tank . It goes over all the basics for beginners, while also providing information that a current reefer could possibly benefit from .

This section is all about fragging. It covers all the basics of this process; the tools needed, proper procedure, and infection prevention .

This section is all about tips I've learned throughout the years, such as money saving alternatives and DIY information.