If you are new to the hobby, you may be asking yourself right now, What the #$%!#$ is a frag??? Well basically, fragging is a process of removing small pieces of coral from the big pieces, to create a new colony. There are many reasons why fragging is so great. For one it is really fun trading frags with other reefers, but it also helps reduce demand for natural coral farming, which helps the natural reefs. -Coral Choice- -Tools Needed- -Infection Prevention- -Trading Frags-

This is a simple guide to keeping a reef tank . It goes over all the basics for beginners, while also providing information that a current reefer could possibly benefit from .

This section is all about fragging. It covers all the basics of this process; the tools needed, proper procedure, and infection prevention .

This section is all about tips I've learned throughout the years, such as money saving alternatives and DIY information.