So why do we reef? We all know it can pricey at times and a lot of work, but what are the rewards? For me, I love being able to collect all kinds of different fish, vibrant corals, and best of all; being able to wake up each morning to a new scene in my ever growing ecosystem. However, when I first entered the hobby, I encountered some bumps along the way. I learned some of the important aspects to reef keeping, but I learned piece by piece and had some trouble with all the new vocabulary. I never found an article that was basically blueprint on how to start and what kind of things would be required from me. From that experience, I created this section as an extremely simple reef guide with tips I've learned -Reef Vocabulary- -Tank Flow- -Filtration- -Lighting- -Temperature- -Salinity- -Fish Selection-

This is a simple guide to keeping a reef tank . It goes over all the basics for beginners, while also providing information that a current reefer could possibly benefit from .

This section is all about fragging. It covers all the basics of this process; the tools needed, proper procedure, and infection prevention .

This section is all about tips I've learned throughout the years, such as money saving alternatives and DIY information.